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How to Set Up a Reliable and Predicatable
Cosmetic Patient Marketing Plan

Enjoy a steady stream of cash-paying patients ALL year WITHOUT:

….. Redesigning your Website…again

….. Wasting more money on SEO to get ranked

….. Throwing a bucket of money at Pay Per Click or

….. Hiring more staff

That means you can relax because you KNOW you have a system in place and a marketing calendar that precisely maps out what you need to do every month of the year to make the money you want and have the peace of mind you need.

I will show you a step-by-step SYSTEM so you can:

  •  Predictably and reliably acquire new cosmetic patients
    throughout the year;
  • Increase your average patient’s lifetime value so that
    EVERY patient is worth more to you…today, tomorrow and
    far into the future;
  • Generate more referrals for your practice without hoping,
    guessing or waiting for your patients to “mention your name”
    because you’ll have a system to make referrals happen
    like clockwork;

Generate cosmetic patients and cash surges on a whim…
because you set up a predictable profit-producing machine.

“See” you there –