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How to Run Your Practice Like a Business (Part 1)

If you struggle like so many other surgeons who are working long hours, worrying about shrinking revenues and fewer patients, headaches with the staff and not enough family time, you need this unique training.

I layout 2 of the 4 core success principles
that create a 7 or 8-figure cosmetic practice so you can work less than 50 hours per week, be home for dinner with your family, rely on your dream team who is in place to back you up AND take vacations without worrying.

It’s a systematic process that can be applied to ANY
cosmetic practice and the great thing about systems
is that the results are predictable.

This training covers the 1st (2) core success
principles in depth which are:

Core Success Principle #1:
Building a Team of Rock Stars

One of the most important things that successful surgeons attribute to their success
is their ability to transform their staff into their “Dream Team of Rock Stars”.

If you are only “managing” your team, then you only have “staff”. But if you
provide leadership and vision, then your team will LOVE working for you and making
you money, because they know it’ll affect THEIR lives as well.


Core Success Principle #2:
Strategic Marketing and Planning

Lots of “wannabe” (and naïve) surgeons are in a constant search for the next hot opportunity, the killer conversion strategy, the search engine loophole, the backdoor pay-per-click bidding strategy, the social media strategy that never fails, etc.

Successful surgeons know better. They create a plan that allows them to focus on the marketing tactics that REALLY bring them patients and more revenue with marketing that actually works.

And the best part…..instead of spending a lot of time trying to learn the latest tactics – and wasting a lot of money on trial and error – they implement a marketing machine that builds a multi-million cosmetic practice.

In this training, I’ll show you how you, too, can implement the same marketing machine for endless patients in your practice.

Join me and I’ll “see” you there